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Automatically creates dynamic SEO friendly pages; SEO is an especially effective tool for making a site more easily found by search engines. It is really important in making your online business successful. For this reason, we have built in some of the absolute best SEO features of any software on the market.

Automatically Creates "search engine friendly" navigation; Navigation is one of the most important functionalities you can build into any website. Not only is it important from the Human aspect...But it is Doubly important to make it as easy as possible for the Search Engine Spiders to be able to find every page on your site, WITHOUT backtracking or visiting already visited pages again.

Automatically creates dynamic site maps; Sitemaps are one of the best ways to give the Spiders a clear view of the whole site, to make their job easier. And the easier you make their job, the faster your entire site will get listed and ranked.

Has completely customizable "Meta Tag" and "Title Tag" fields; Although many SEO experts believe that Meta Tags have lost much of their importance in the scheme of SEO, it is still true that the Search Engines use the Meta Tags to help categorize and rank your pages. So it is still important to use proper meta tag etiquette.

Allows you to COMPLETELY customize the look and feel of your eCommerce Sites; One of the biggest mistakes most new site builders make when using ANY page building software, is to create "Out of the Box" websites, that look and feel like hundreds or thousands of others. But with your "My-Affiliate-Store" system, you'll have the ability to quickly and easily change the look and feel of your sites, to build truly unique eCommerce Stores and avoid that deadly "Footprint".

And you don't have to be a Webmaster to do it!

Allows you to insert your own unique content in multiple areas on any page; Original Content is the key to getting Listed Quickly and achieving high ranking. And your "My-Affiliate-Store" system will allow you to insert literally ANY kind of content you like both at the top of the page and at the bottom, further making YOUR eCommerce Store even MORE Original and different.

Allows you to create your own descriptions and content for your products; Worried about Duplicate Content? You can customize your sites as far as you want to take them. You can even edit the descriptions of the Affiliate Products being displayed through the Data Feeds, making YOUR eCommerce stores COMPLETELY Original and Different from anyone else's in the world!

Allows you to create up to a FOUR tiered Navigation structure; As mentioned before, it's important to build in easy to follow navigation. And this unique system allows you to build a navigation system which can include a navigation tree of your Home page => unlimited directories => unlimited directory specific Categories => and finally unlimited products for each directory, or category, or any combination thereof.

Dynamically pulls in professionally designed directory and category specific products, graphics, and content descriptions; "My-Affiliate-Store" allows you to find all the content and products you need to build content rich sites on just about any Niche you can think of and to choose from the 22 MILLION (and Counting) Affiliate Products and Services available through the Searchable Database in your "My Affiliate Store" eCommerce system.

Allows YOU to choose (and quickly change) which products you wish to appear as "Featured" products; Imagine being able to figure out what people are buying and then FEATURE those products as the first thing they see! Well now you can! If you track your sales to see which products convert the best, you can then, with the click of a few buttons, feature them on your home page, or at the top of your directory or category pages. Now THAT'S Precision Marketing!

Creates a site linking structure that distributes Google Page Rank throughout the site; Even though the importance of Google PR (page rank) is disputed by experts, it is universally agreed that the page with the higher page rank will usually be listed higher in search results for any given keyword search.

Those who know how to create sites that distribute Page Rank evenly and fairly throughout their sites will reap the benefits from the home page ranking, which typically is higher than the rest of the site.

Your My-Affiliate-Stores sites will be structured to make the most efficient use of page rank throughout your sites, so that all of your important pages will benefit from your home page Google PR.

Eliminates "Google Page Rank Leakage" by automatically creating "nofollow tags" on affiliate links; Most people don't even realize that they are "Giving Away" their page rank. What this means is that the power of your domain's Page Rank is divided by the number of other sites and pages it links to. And while (to a certain extent) that may be OK for pages within your own site, you certainly don't want to give away your page rank to other sites. The proper placement and use of "No-Follow" tags can stop this Page Rank Leakage. And My-Affiliate-Store is designed to Automatically take care of this problem for you! AND ... give you instant control over ALL of the links in the system!

Optimizes every page of your Store for search engine ranking; If you don't get listed and ranked, NOBODY will even see your sites! And it's through proper individual page optimization that ALL your pages get listed. This means that even your inside second third and fourth level pages can and WILL be shown in the Search engines when someone types in a search for the particular subject of that page. And guess what...your My-Affiliate-Store system makes sure ALL your pages are optimized for the specific subject of each page...Right Out Of The Box!

Integrates article pages into your website with a built in article database; Search engines LOVE original Articles. So that's why we've built an article database for each of your sites right into the My-Affiliate-Store system, with built in links to those articles on all your pages. This gives the Search Engines yet another popular reason to find, rank, and show your sites in their Search Engine Results! You can either upload your stored articles from your computer, or create original articles yourself in the fully functional html WYSIWYG editors, built right into your My-Affiliate-Store Admin Panel. And then manage and edit them from there!

Allows you to set the number of products that show on a page; Sometimes "Less is More", especially when you're dealing with potentially hundreds or thousands of products that might be included in a given Niche that you've chosen. So not only do you get to choose WHICH products you want to include in your product inventory, but you also get to choose how many from your chosen list, that you want to show on a single page. And My-Affiliate-Store is so smart that is will just create more pages (Page 2, 3, 4, etc.) automatically until all the products in that category are displayed!

Creates a Link Exchange page for reciprocal linking opportunities; One of the fastest ways to get your sites listed and highly ranked is to swap links with other sites of similar interest. And we've got ya covered there as well! My-Affiliate-Store will create a "Link Exchange" page to facilitate Reciprocal link swapping, without "Bleeding" off your Page Rank.

Allows you to create you own unique welcome message on your home page; Again...Original Content is the key to success and longevity. And the MORE you can put on your pages, the better off you are. With My-Affiliate-Store, we've given you as many chances and places as possible, to create your own content. Just an original Headline can make all the difference in the world!

Links related articles from your product pages; We've even built in a function to show Related articles from your article database on your product pages, giving the Search Engines yet another reason to list and show your site to their customers. And giving your pages yet another block of original content to set your sites off from anyone else's.

Shows related products on your article pages; If you take the time to write or purchase original keyword rich articles for your niche sites, you'll find that your article pages rank highly in the Search Engines, and get shown as much or more than your product pages. So doesn't it make sense to have related products listed on those pages when someone lands on them to read your articles? Well with My-Affiliate-Store, that's exactly what your visitors will find! Useful Original articles about the subject they are interested in, and products that match!

Creates easy intuitive navigation for your visitors; We've found that there is a direct correlation of the number of sales to the ease of navigation. In other words, the easier it is for your visitors to get to what they are looking for, the more likely they are to buy! Your My-Affiliate-Store sites will be built with your customers in mind, and we've made the navigation possibilities for your site, customizable to allow you to experiment with what works best within your niche and for the specific needs of your visitors.

Gives you the PERFECT vehicle to display your Contextual advertising Ads; Google Adsense and the many other contextual ads programs have gotten tougher and tougher to make money with. Why? Because there is so much competition that it's getting harder and harder to get your share of the traffic. And couple that with the stringent rules and regulations the Search Engines have been forced to implement and you have a nightmare of hair-pulling "What do I do Next" situations in trying to keep your contextual advertising business afloat.

But if you place those ads on tried and proven Search Engine Friendly eCommerce sites (Which incidentally is what Adsense was intended for)...Your Problem Is Solved

And NOW...You'll Have Multiple Streams of Income from the same sites. What More Could You Ask For?

On 07/31/11 Trabalho em casa wrote:

I liked very much your SEO tips on the begning
AND if this affiliate software does all the work
and assistance you mentioned, Then this soft is perfect.

On 06/20/13 sannaiac wrote:

Thanks..but you are a real person ?


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