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About me

Hello guys,
my name is Iacopo from Italy - Europe
I have a wonderful wife and a girl now of 3 years old !

My Babe !

Finally after I have studied more of 10.000 websites and I have about 17.000 notes on Evernote ! (I tell you in another post about this)

I can start now my BLOG about How make money.
I wait so much to start because I want to be different from another blog and forum

The problem was because you find a lot of scam and crap informations !

I continue to public post about most of the resources and tools you can find on internet,
I wait your opinion.

Sometimes You find a marketer you think give you good stuff but not is !
You trust in him and not understand why He promotes this software or ebook .

My bible is Warrior Forum

This section specially :
------Warrior Forum----

I have created this BLOG to discuss about modality of gaining money on-line.
This web site is opened to your comments,ideas and all you think about this subject (making money legally) Is there a modality , in internet, of gaining money ?
Of course I think that, This will be happened in the future.
A lot of people can make it home. I will show you the programs,for which I used all my years experience of searching in the web world.
I will tell you more about varied systems of promotions on-line off-line and of web marketing.
There are a lot of courses about how You can become rich ! This will be real or THEY become rich because of us ?
I am a simple person with comun experience on internet marketing,
At first time All I’ve proposed was tested and experimentated of myself because my moral principle is me to be satisfied before!
I am not interested on gaining money knowing that I should cheat someone. I don’t need it.

My Family !

in The: TOP RATED - MY PROGRAMS You find things I have tested personally

If You subscribe to my newsletter:
-You learn how to get 5000 leads every month free
-I send you gift,ebooks,software every week for free
-I give my secret and my list of the best marketer in the world
-and much much more

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So, I wait your comments !


On 06/14/12 luis wrote:


I need to talk to you trough email
Actually I need your help

This is about google penguin
There is a comment I put on your blog
And I want you to edit it please

On 09/01/12 sannaiac wrote:

What You need ?


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Image 2


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ABOUT ME: Hello guys, my name is Iacopo from Italy.....
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SPECIALS: My bible is Warrior Forum...
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