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About me

Hello guys,
my name is Iacopo from Italy - Europe
I have a wonderful wife and a girl now of 3 years old !

My Babe !

Finally after I have studied more of 10.000 websites and I have about 17.000 notes on Evernote ! (I tell you in another post about this)

I can start now my BLOG about How make money.
I wait so much to start because I want to be different from another blog and forum

The problem was because you find a lot of scam and crap informations !

I continue to public post about most of the resources and tools you can find on internet,
I wait your opinion.

Sometimes You find a marketer you think give you good stuff but not is !
You trust in him and not understand why He promotes this software or ebook .

My bible is Warrior Forum

This section specially :
------Warrior Forum----

I have created this BLOG to discuss about modality of gaining money on-line.
This web site is opened to your comments,ideas and all you think about this subject (making money legally) Is there a modality , in internet, of gaining money ?
Of course I think that, This will be happened in the future.
A lot of people can make it home. I will show you the programs,for which I used all my years experience of searching in the web world.
I will tell you more about varied systems of promotions on-line off-line and of web marketing.
There are a lot of courses about how You can become rich ! This will be real or THEY become rich because of us ?
I am a simple person with comun experience on internet marketing,
At first time All I’ve proposed was tested and experimentated of myself because my moral principle is me to be satisfied before!
I am not interested on gaining money knowing that I should cheat someone. I don’t need it.

My Family !

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Automatically creates dynamic SEO friendly pages; SEO is an especially effective tool for making a site more easily found by search engines. It is really important in making your online business successful. For this reason, we have built in some of the absolute best SEO features of any software on the market.

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Automatically creates dynamic site maps; Sitemaps are one of the best ways to give the Spiders a clear view of the whole site, to make their job easier. And the easier you make their job, the faster your entire site will get listed and ranked.

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Allows you to COMPLETELY
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Multiple Membership site Software

Finally....An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Memberships On Autopilot

Create Unlimited Membership Site
Areas On One Single Domain

Multiple Membership has all the features needed to run a Professional Unlimited Memberships with Affiliate Program.

You have to see it to believe it!

Membership sites are very popular. Everyone wants to be apart of something. Some people pay thousands of dollars a year just to be apart of some exclusive membership. If you are looking for an easy to install and easy to use program to handle all of your memberships site requirements then look no further. Multiple Memberships is the program for you! Whether you're starting a new online business or have been in business for years, you can easily integrate this membership program and be making an unlimited income from membership fees.

Memberships Make Your Customers Feel Important!

It can be very difficult to keep track of memberships. I know. I created this script for my own needs. This system is so powerful, everyone kept asking me where I bought it. I never thought that I would be selling it! I even added some extra features that anyone can use to make their own exclusive membership site
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Day Job Killer - affiliate secrets

How a 34 year old from NYC and a whizz-kid from
California "swiped" from the super affiliates and
"raided" the gurus without anyone even knowing...

STOP. If you've ever blown your last dollar on on the latest "must have" e-book, or wondered whether anyone makes genuine job-killing income from the Internet, you need to read this letter now...

...Because you've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is directly blocking you from living the life you want.

I should know... because I have been breaking free from the same information myself, by leveraging my position to discover an underground formula from guys that the "gurus" know about, but refuse to even discuss. And what I found explains why most struggle to make a few cents, while some affiliates pump out thousands in auto-pilot cash each day. The answer may shock you, but it has to come out sooner or later...

I want to expose a closed-door formula that the few are using to crush the competition, and let you copy a $1,000,000 business...
...and I can only do this because I have spent the last twelve months stealing from the most successful affiliates on the planet, while successfully testing what I learned on average guys just like you - guys who have been kept out of the loop by an entire industry.

Not only did I meet these "renegades" one-on-one, but I also relied on a 15,000 strong network of affiliates to explain what separates complete failure from six figure success...

And in the end , it took me a full year to realize the truth hiding behind the lies and false promises. Twelve full months to discover a proven blueprint and to expose the truth to thousands of failing affiliates, before you even got here. And now that I know the truth, I want prove it to some of you. But first, I need to see if you are like I once was...

Does it sound like you fell victim to the lies? Be honest with yourself...

I know from experience... that 99% of make money products fail to produce a single red cent in profit.

I want access to a blueprint that is being used by six figure affiliates globally. I want to peek inside your mind and "swipe" these "secrets" now...

I know that it is out there - the freedom, the lifestyle and riches. But I don't know where to look for real guidance...

It is possible to accomplish everything I ever wanted. But first, I must accept that I will need to change my methods and embark on a radically different path using a proven series of techniques "they" won't discuss...

If it sounds like you can relate, then prepare yourself for the next part of my message.

Because you may not like what is coming next...

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ABOUT ME: Hello guys, my name is Iacopo from Italy.....
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SPECIALS: My bible is Warrior Forum...
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